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Feb 5, 2019

The New York Times calls Nick Boothman, "Dale Carnegie for a rushed era".  What does that mean?  Well, he is smooth, personable, wise and speaks with gravitas.  In this episode, I speak with Nick about his book, The Irresistible Power of Storyspeak: How To Talk Like The World's Greatest Communicators.


  • At 6:42, Nick shares where he got the idea to write about “story speak”
  • At 07:50, we walk you through how to become a “raconteur”, through the 4 elements of story speak.
  • The great truth on why story speak works? We share this at 10:10
  • And at 12:54, we tackle the question that almost all speakers ask – how to get paid as a speaker using story speak?


Resources Mentioned:

  1. “The Irresistible Power of Story Speak” by Nicholas Boothman
  2. How To Connect In Business In Less Than 90 Seconds
  3. Speak Write Now Community
  4. Nicholas Boothman’s page