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Dec 3, 2019

When you fail or keep hitting roadblocks, what do you do? How many times are you supposed to get back up again and keep going? What's the number?

Our guest, Richard Citrin, has a background in Psychology and has an alphabet soup of letters associated with his name - Ph.D., MBA, L-M-N-O-P. He's got it all, he's ready to share what he knows on leadership on resilience; on just being tough as nails and how you can make it to success.

What's In Store For You

  • [05:27] How does stress affect us and why is it important to manage it?
  • [06:30] Richard shares what motivated him to write The Resilience Advantage.
  • [07:38] Why does Richard frame stress as "neutral" when most individuals view it negatively?
  • [08:33] How does our defense mechanism, borne from our ancestors, affect us and our stress negatively?
  • [10:55] Richard discloses how "navigation" helps alleviate negative stress from an unexpected incident.
  • [11:35] "Mindfulness" is an important positive psychology process that helps people bring their stress from negative to neutral.
  • [14:29] What can Richard advice to people who are so "busy" that they can't find time to prepare?
  • [16:52] What is the next generation of leaders looking for?
  • [18:50] As an emerging or aspiring leader, what can I do to prepare myself for that role?

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  1. Richard Citrin's website;
  2. The Resilience Advantage: Stop Managing Stress and Find Your Resilience by Richard Citrin, Ph.D. and Alan Weiss, Ph.D.;
  3. Strategy-Driven Leadership: The Playbook for Developing Your Next Generation of Leaders by Richard Citrin, Ph.D. and Michael A. Couch;
  4. Your 2020 Roadmap workshop by Robert Kennedy III;
  5. 5 Simple Strategies to Get Paid For Public Speaking webinar by Robert Kennedy III (with an additional freebie to be shared during the webinar!);
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