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Oct 22, 2019

Our episode this week is a podcast show about podcasting - truly a meta episode!

I have the founder and co-owner of "Interview Connections - the first and leading podcast booking agency". Jessica started podcasting in 2014 with the launch of Rock The Podcast. She is also the author of Interview Connections: How to #RockThePodcast From Both Sides of the Mic.

Jessica Rhodes has a story, let's hear it!

What's In Store For You

  • [03:42] What made Jessica fascinated with podcasting?
  • [05:05] How should people expect podcasting to positively affect their business?
  • [06:41] What are two recommendations that Jessica has for podcast hosts who are not getting significant "listenership" on their podcast?
  • [07:45] How do I become a potential interesting guest to have on a podcast?
  • [09:56] Where can one look for possible podcast shows to guest on?
  • [11:30] If I am a new speaker and would like to leverage the podcast scene, what preparations do I need to do?
  • [13:30] Is there a value to being on podcasts if I am not a speaker or entrepreneur?
  • [14:39] Is there a perfect length for a podcast?

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