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Aug 1, 2019

Jaime Swindell is a trainer who has found a special niche in the contract training industry.  It's more than just signing up.  There is a method to his madness and it allows him to hit top numbers in the industry and create the lifestyle he wants.

 What's In Store For You (Part 2)

  • [01:02] Jaime gives us an introduction on what being a contract trainer is about.
  • [03:06] Jaime walks us through the start of his experience as a contract trainer.
  • [04:27] Where does a contract trainer make real money?
  • [06:16] What was Jaime’s initial problem as a contract speaker?
  • [07:10] Why are sales skills important – even for an ordinary individual?
  • [08:09] If I want to be a contract trainer, where do I start?
  • [09:42] What are some of the pitfalls of contract training?
  • [11:38] What is the minimum acceptable sales average for a contract trainer?
  • [13:35] What was the tipping point for Jaime that motivated him to improve himself?
  • [14:47] What was the first step that Jaime took to make himself a better contract trainer?
  • [16:37] Jaime provides other activities that he used to develop his skills.
  • [17:56] When did Jaime add coaching to his “seven streams”?
  • [19:07] What is a scarcity vs. prosperity mentality?
  • [21:12] What books can we read in order to learn about influence? (see the RESOURCES section for the links)


  1. 28 Days To A New Me (2nd Edition) – a FREE gift from me to you;
  2. Special 20 Minute Power Session with Robert;
  3. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert Cialdini, Ph.D.
  4. How To Win Friends and Influence People – Dale Carnegie;
  5. Jaime Swindell (Mr. Lifestyle)’s website;
  6. Jaime Swindell (Mr. Lifestyle)’s YouTube page;
  7. Fred Pryor Seminars – Contract Training reference;
  8. SkillPath Seminars – Contract Training reference;
  9. Speak Write Now Community;
  10. podcast(at) – send your questions and comments;
  11. Voice message – hear your voice on-air!
  12. The RK3 Show Patreon page (Help us keep this show going and get perks. Be a patron of this show!)