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May 19, 2020

When you find yourself in a rut and running out of new content to share, what do you do? Do you force yourself to come up with a new one regardless if it is uninspired or do you wait until inspiration strikes?

Most of us hold back or get stuck because we feel the need to constantly create new things. For years in my business, I've been creating and generating content until I have nothing new to say. Then I would hide until I can find something new to provide.

But then I realized as I was going through my old, forgotten content - it still had IMPACT! Spend some time with me today as I share with you the reasons why repurposing your content can help you unearth a goldmine.

  • [05:43] Had I been smarter, where should I have looked for inspiration on content for my audience?
  • [06:28] Why do people listen or watch their favorite content over and over again?
  • [07:45] Reason# 1: Reuse stories and content because some people are just getting introduced to you.
  • [10:09] Why do commercials constantly run and eventually become viral?
  • [10:55] Reason# 2: Reuse stories and content because you get better at it.
  • [13:04] Reason# 3: Reuse stories and content because it helps to reinforce your voice and ideas.
  • [15:00] How do you get to a "spiritual moment" as a speaker?

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