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May 14, 2019

Jeff Tatarchuk is a serial entrepreneur who has continuously built up successful businesses. He also hosts a conference for faith-based entrepreneurs called “Fruition Lab”.

Jeff Tatarchuk has a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:05] Sharing more info about Jeff’s latest venture (about crypto...

May 7, 2019

In this episode, we have the founder of the Public Speakers Association, author of 7 books, winner of the global mentorship award for the Evolutionary Business Council, Tonya Hofmann!

She shares why she decided to start the Public Speakers Association as well as valuable tips on becoming a paid speaker. Tonya has a...

Apr 30, 2019

Have you ever felt butterflies before speaking?  What can you do about them?  In this episode, I speak about the butterflies and how to get them to fly in formation.




1. Blog Post - How To Get The Butterflies To Behave When You Speak

2. App - Orai -

3. App - Ummo - 

Apr 23, 2019

Arthur Joseph is a vocal coach who has coached a “Who’s Who” list including Angelina JolieSean ConneryTony RobbinsStephen CoveyJerry RiceKareem Abdul-Jabbar to name a few. He helps leaders find their voice and is the founder and chairman of the Vocal Awareness Institute.

What’s In Store For...

Apr 17, 2019

Quinn Conyers is an entrepreneur, owner of Purse Paparazzi and she teaches business owners to make money for their business through speaking.  She has auditioned for Shark Tank and won thousands of dollars for her business through pitch competitions.